“Let the sky be peaceful, and Ukraine clean”, under this moto in 25 April 2015, the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean” starts in all regions of Ukraine.

This year, as three years before, The Youth NGO “Modern Format” cleaned the territory of an abandoned kindergarten №58 (Kroshnia).

“Starting with 2013 within the nationwide campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean” our organization annually conducts cleaning of this territory. Last year to the cleaning of the territory of the kindergarten joined more than 300 volunteers. Unfortunately, cleaning does not solve the problem and this territory is still dangerous for teenagers’ lives and health, who despite on the accident rate of the building, often spend time running and jumping on this territory. It is this area where alcohol and drugs addicted people meet. Nowadays, this territory is the nucleus of the deviant behavior development (criminals, drug addiction, alcoholism, immoral behavior)”- tells the head of NGO “Modern Format” Zhanna Solovyova.

The Youth NGO “Modern Format” and Zhytomyr Community Foundation are thankful to each of the participants (more than 300 people!).

This year, in the cleaning of this territory participated:

  • employees and volunteers Zhytomyr Community Foundation and NGO “Modern Format”,
  • employees of municipal services ( Housing and Communal Services management of Zhytomyr City Council, “Zelenbud”, Housing and Communal Services №4, etc.),
  • specialists of education department of the Zhytomyr City Council,
  • teachers and employees of the school №16,
  • educators of the kindergartens,
  • employees of Coca-Cola company,
  • employees of Telecontact company,
  • employees of La-Moda company,
  • lectors and students from Social Psychology Faculty of Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko,
  • a few residents of nearby houses and others.

In cooperation with us on location since morning worked Sergey Suhomlyn – Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr. Later started participation Alexander Bochkovsky – Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr, Valentine Arendarchuk – Head of the Department of Education of Zhytomyr City Council. About 12:00 acting Zhytomyr Mayor – Lubov Tsymbaliuk and heads of municipal services joined us.

Last year, this object finally transferred to the municipal property. Due to this case, we have great hopes for reconstruction of this building be the government. Moreover, we believe, that the kindergarten №58 will be active soon. 🙂

The map of the cleaning places in Zhytomyr within the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean – 2015”.

The call to Zhytomyr citizens to participate in the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean-2015.”

Press conference – “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean – 2015”

Reports of local media of “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean – 2015”.

Videos of the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” in 2014.

Videos of the campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean!” In 2013.

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