For participants of the “School of Young Journalists” program, “Modern Format” NGO has become a tradition to take prize places at the International Children’s Television Festival “Children”, which is held annually in Kharkiv.

This year, video-work of our super-team got the 2-nd prize in the nomination “Local Self-Governance – We Are!” and got an opportunity to visit Strasbourg, to visit  Council’s headquarters of Europe and enjoy a trip to France. The trip lasted from 6 to 10 November 2016.

This year's festival lasted from 21 to 24 September, 2016.
The team that contributed to the creation of the video:

author of the idea, journalist - Anna Crystal, video recording and editing - Yaroslav Veretin, actors - Marina and Victoria Plisak, 
Nikolai Pisenko, Maxim Ostapchuk, Elina Peregud, and others.
Congratulations to our winners!

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In September 2012, the work of Oksana Naumchuk (a graduate of the School of Young Journalists) won a special nomination from the Council of Europe “Local Self-Governance – We Are!” At the International Children’s Television Festival “Child”.

Title of the work – “History of development of local self-government in Zhytomyr