We invite enterprises, institutions and organizations of Zhytomyr and other regions of Ukraine to apply for the involvement of German expert support under the Senior Experten Service program (abbreviated – SES; Ukrainian translation – Senior Expert Service).

The Senior Experten Service is a program of the German Economy Foundation, which, through the involvement of German experts, promotes economic, educational and social development in many countries of the world. The program has been in operation since 1983 and also operates in Ukraine.

The peculiarity of the program is that professionals with many years of experience, who are older and retired, have the opportunity to invest on a public basis their time, skills, experience, contacts in expert assistance to others.

The areas of activity of SES professionals are: various industries, agriculture, trade, construction, transport, communications, informatics, banking, insurance, health, tourism, public administration and other areas activities.

The Senior Expert Team brings together over 11,000 industry professionals. Over 40,000 projects have been implemented in the world during the program period.

Who can apply for SES?

enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership; individuals – entrepreneurs; educational institutions (universities, colleges, vocational schools, schools, etc.); local self-government bodies (CTA applications are encouraged); medical institutions; institutions of culture and art; non-governmental organizations and foundations, etc. (note – this list is open).

In Zhytomyr region, the SES program began to develop actively at the end of 2017. In November and December 2017, two German SES experts worked in the region, one of whom worked in a governmental structure (Regional Development Agency in Zhytomyr region) and the other in a business company.

“Very often the real opportunities are not in the money (credits, grants, etc.), but in the expert support, which just opens up access to financial resources and carries much more opportunities to bring the enterprise (institution, organization) to a higher professional level. level. The Senior Experten Service is just the kind of tool that enables such opportunities to be opened. Moreover, it concerns business, local authorities, educational institutions, etc., and the development of the region as a whole. I can not but notice that the initiative of the chairman of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration – Igor Gundych gave a symbolic start to this program in Zhytomyr region. So, during a working meeting in August 2017, I and Igor Petrovich discussed the main aspects and opportunities of the Senior Experts Service program, and already at the beginning of November 2017 an expert worked at the Regional Development Agency of Zhytomyr region, ”- says Zhanna Solovyova. Chairman of the Board of the Zhytomyr Community Foundation, expert on regional development.

“Due to the fact that our institution made only the first steps in its activities, working with SES expert Dr. Gero Friedel was a good impetus for the Agency’s development. For all, without exception, the staff of the institution cooperation with such a specialist was clearly beneficial. The expert willingly shared his experience and knowledge on improving the investment attractiveness and mechanisms of attracting external funds in the most developed countries of the world, what should be emphasized in his activity and what investor first of all draws attention to. The fruitful interaction with the German expert resulted in a series of introductory events and seminars for representatives of the scientific environment and business, improving the skills of communication in foreign languages, developing new approaches and priorities of our institution, “- shares Artem Sachuk, Director of the Regional Development Agency of Zhytomyr region .

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Customer: Regional Development Agency in Zhytomyr region. Expert tenure: November 06-24, 2017. Expert: Dr. Hero Friedel is an expert in the field of economic development, public administration, investment attraction. Mr. Friedel has experience in Belgium, Ghana, Cambodia, Mali and other countries.

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Customer: Fortress Company that manufactures log houses. Expert tenure: November 22 – December 13, 2017. Expert: Mr. Theodor Ramhorst, Expert in Management and Accounting, Logistics, Human Resources. He has many years of experience working at Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Mexico City, Shanghai. For Mr. Ramhorst, a visit to Ukraine and a job as an SES expert is the first experience that began in Zhytomyr.

What is required to participate in the SES program?

  1. Download and fill in an application for an expert’s invitation (clearly state the terms of reference for the expert in the project application).
  2. Send the completed project application to fondgromady.zt@gmail.com with the subject of the letter – “Senior Experten Service”.

Thanks to your participation in the SES program, your company (institution, organization) has the unique opportunity to receive practical advice and advice from high-level German specialists.

Senior Experten Service – the future needs experience!


You can read more about the program at SES_NEW

Download SES_anketa_ЗАЯВКА

For more information about participating in the program, please contact the Zhytomyr Community Fund:

phone: +38 (097) 294 37 53, +38 (050) 712 59 70, contact person – Zhanna Solovyova

tel .: +38 0412 46 10 86

Email: mgo.sformat@gmail.com