“Free microphone” of regional voices is for democracy in Zhytomyr.

“Five questions to candidates in deputies about…” – under this title on October 9, 2015, in Zhytomyr, the cycle of events in “free mic” format started.

The Youth NGO “Modern Format” due to “Regional voices for democracy in Zhytomyr region” project together with “Institute of International Cooperation of the German Association of People’s Universities (DVV International) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany realized the events.

The participants of the first event became the representatives from five political parties (candidates for Zhytomyr City Council, Zhytomyr Regional Council, and the candidate for mayor of Zhytomyr).

The format of the event organized so that each participant had the opportunity to answer 5 questions of moderators and then was a panel of questions / answers from the audience.

The main idea of the event is to inform the citizens of Zhytomyr about the candidates for local councils, their programs, strategies and certain steps they are to make for solving the existing problems in the community.

Important! The event is purely for informational purposes and does not involve advertising campaign of parties and / or candidates.

The questions for the participants of “Five questions to candidates about…” event:

  1. What are the three main areas of your election program?
  2. How do you think you can capitalize Zhytomyr proximity to the capital?
  3. Which three main problems of the city you can solve?
  4. Let us imagine you as a deputy. What are you going to do to help to the retirees/ seniors?
  5. Why have you decided to become a deputy?

The event moderators were Inna Pereguda (Coordinator of the project “Regional Voices for Democracy in Zhytomyr region”) and Evgenia Dziubanenko (journalist of Investigative journalist’s studio).

The special guest of the event became Rami Tapio Kolehmainen who is the volunteer of NGO “Modern Format”, an expert in media, journalist, human rights trainer, and teacher of social sciences.  IMG_8970[1] IMG_8936[1] IMG_8897[1]