“Free microphone” of regional voices is for democracy in Zhytomyr.

“Five questions to candidates in deputies about…” – under this title on October 9, 2015, in Zhytomyr, the cycle of events in “free mic” format started.

The Youth NGO “Modern Format” due to “Regional voices for democracy in Zhytomyr region” project together with “Institute of International Cooperation of the German Association of People’s Universities (DVV International) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany realized the events.

Participants in the first event were representatives (candidates for deputies for Zhytomyr’s city council, oblast council, and city mayor) from five political parties. The event was organized so that participants answered questions on a rotating basis.

The event’s primary purpose is to inform Zhytomyr residents about the candidates for the members of local councils, their programs, strategies and concrete actions they intend to take to address the community’s problems. The event is nonpartisan and strictly informational; it does not include campaigning for parties and/or candidates.

Questions to the participants of the event “Five questions to the candidates about [topic]”:
1. What are the three key areas of your election program?
2. In your opinion, can you capitalize on Zhytomyr’s proximity to the capital?
3. What are the three main problems your efforts can solve?
4. If elected, how do you intend to help pensioners / elderly people?
5. Why did you decide to become a deputy?

The event’s moderators were Inna Pereguda (coordinator of Regional Voices for Democracy in Zhytomyr Oblast) and Evgeniya Dzyubanenko (Journalist for the Journalistic Investigations Studio “ChB”).
The event’s special guest was Rami Tapio Kolehmaynen, a volunteer at Modern Format, media expert, journalist,  human rights coach, and social sciences teacher.

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