To get practical experience the representatives of two embassies have come to Zhytomyr: the US Embassy in Kyiv and the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

The main aim of this meeting was a “facts finding mission” for people from the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, getting hands-on experience while practical implementation of “ACCESS” («English Access Microscholarship Program») in Zhytomyr, which started in December 2017. This program is aimed at students aged 13-15 years old whose families got into “difficult situations” and demand thorough attention from society.

The visit itself started with a small discussion between partners, coordinators and teachers who conduct sessions for the “Access” program in Zhytomyr – NGO “Modern Format”, Olena Riabushenko and Kristina Lyubenko.

The participants of the meeting have discussed main achievements of the program in Zhytomyr, the process of its implementation and its peculiarities, language-teaching aspects and give answers to all questions from representatives of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

It is very symbolic that the meeting is held in “Window on America Centre” in Zhytomyr Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Olzhych, which remain permanent partner of “Access” in Zhytomyr.

After the official part of the meeting, the guests have visited a practical session with students who participate in the program. John Silver, the representative of the US Embassy in Kyiv has started with a short communicative warm-up activity. It was clear that he has a lot of teaching experience because the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed; he found something in common with all the students from the very beginning.

This time the topic of the session held by Olena Riabushenko was “Modern Day Treasure Hunters” and the task of the students was to learn how to find geolocation of “hidden items” using special application and their phones while improving their language skills.

For reference: The project of “English Access Microscholarship Program”  is fulfilled in Zhytomyr region by NGO “Modern Format” in cooperation with Project Harmony Inc. Kyiv and support of American Embassy in Ukraine.