Two unique hours about space were presented by the American NASA astronaut – Randy Breznik to the participants of the Zhytomyr program ACCESS

Since the time when the first person has been in space and to this day, only about 550 people have been able to see the earth out of space. An American astronaut, Randy Breznik, has a dream that soon, with the planning of their travels, humanity will be able to organize trips not only from the country to the country, but also into space.

To Mr. Zhytomyr, Mr. Breznyk brought the flag of Ukraine, flying with him over 108 million kilometers. The Ukrainian flag, as well as the visit to Ukraine, has a symbolic meaning for the family of Breznykiv, since in 2008 they adopted a Ukrainian boy from Dnipro. In this trip, Randy arrived with his son, and in recognition of Ukraine’s honor and gratitude for his son, Randy launched the Ukrainian flag in orbit. It is this flag several hours after the meeting with the participants of the ACCESS program to replenish the treasury of the Zhytomyr Museum of Cosmonautics them. SP The Queen.

Two hours of communication with the “Comrades” of Breznyk flew like an instant. The meeting began with the interesting and cognitive presentation of Mr. Breznika about the preparations for flights, the flights themselves, the scientific and life life of cosmonauts in orbit, the rituals and prejudices of the space profession, and others.

After an inspirational presentation, it’s no wonder that all the audience have a huge amount of questions to the American guest. Asked about different things: how he was able to realize his dream and get into space, whether his family supported him and what he did in the first place, returning to Earth, his son, emotional and physical sensations of being in gravity and on earth.

The meeting turned out to be relaxed and very emotional. After communicating, all the participants of the meeting received from the American astronaut memorable photographs and postcards with his personal autograph, and also had the opportunity to take a picture with an American guest.

The meeting took place thanks to the initiative and support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Thank you for the hospitality of our regular partners – the “Window for America” program and the Oleg Olzhich Zhytomyr Oblast Scientific Universal Library.

The ACCESS Small Schedule Program is being implemented in Zhytomyr Oblast, a youth public organization “Contemporary Format” in collaboration with Project Harmony Inc. with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.