Representatives of NGOs and charitable foundations of Zhytomyr region took part in the training “Psychological Resilience Skills” held at the office of the Modern Format.

Despite having plenty to do and being busy, the participants devoted their time to strengthening their own resilience in the face of prolonged stress, to energize with positive energy, learn useful practices, communicate, and support each other. After all, in order to help other people, you need to remain resilient yourself, take care of yourself and restore your resources.
During the training, the participants addressed the following issues:

📌The concept and types of stress. Behavioral strategies. Physiological reactions;

📌Post-traumatic stress disorder: causes, symptoms, treatment;

📌Practicing first aid skills;

📌Work with finding your own resources. Body techniques of self-support.
It was full of practical tasks, techniques, and exercises to help the participants distance themselves from thoughts that interfere with their ability to see the world, communicate with loved ones, act actively, and make informed choices.

The attendees learned about recovery and resourcefulness, how to get out of crisis and unpredictable life situations, meditated with raisins, and hugged themselves.

With the help of the trainers – Tetyana Mozharovska, Tetyana Kolomiets and Yuriy Ihnatenko – the participants realized that they have a huge potential and a great resource to help themselves. And the knowledge and skills they gained during the training will make them even more capable of facing daily challenges and trials.

The following participants shared their impressions of the training:

Iryna Kyrylovych

line producer at “Suspilne Zhytomyr”

“In times of war, we all need to learn to be psychologically resilient. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how and can do this, and now it is extremely necessary. These two training days were a productive investment in ourselves. I realized that we still don’t know so much and we have to learn, because we are living under stress and we need to understand how to cope with it.

Everyone should be able to provide basic psychological aid and first aid. It is a must”.

Head of the Board of the NGO “Pulyny Community Center”

“Over the past year, some have reduced the scope of their work, and many may have lived only through the war, not their work and some service. This is a fundamental difference between public organizations and charitable foundations: they did a lot before the war, and their workload has only increased since then. They need to respond very quickly and flexibly to new challenges and do everything that was planned.

That is why various events, trainings, and psychological coaching are more important than ever for representatives of charitable and public organizations. Where there is an opportunity to work on our own resources and requests, to understand how we can be useful and use it in our work. We work with a very large and diverse audience of different ages. Today we are united by wartime and the traumas we are experiencing, the worries, fears, and losses. So such events help us to be effective and resilient and help others to find a way out and increase their resilience.”

The training was organized by the NGO “Modern Format” together with the Charitable Foundation “Real Ukrainians” in partnership with the NGO “Network of Civil Society Hubs of Ukraine” (Network of Hubs of Ukraine) within the framework of the UNDP project “EU for Dialogue: Strengthening Ukraine’s resilience to respond to the urgent needs of central and local authorities and the war-affected population” with the financial support of the European Union (EU).