During 22-23 July 2016, in the “Reikartz” conference hall was the training for journalists of Zhytomyr region and Central Ukraine on the topic “”European integration: what journalists should know about?” The campaign “Stronger Together” organized the event for the purpose of explanation to journalists how to write about European integration for people and convey correct and understandable information. Moreover, the participants received additional knowledge about relations between the EU and Ukraine and the benefits of European integration.

As speakers were:

During the workshop raised the issue of the importance of journalists during the adoption of pro-European reforms in Ukraine and the European integration process in general. The journalist’s role is to supply correct information so that the public most accurately understand the essence of the certain things. According to Volodymyr Feskov, insufficient or incorrect awareness of public is one of the issues of decentralization. Therefore, the training is to explain how to raise the question of pro-European nature and authentically inform the public. He added, journalists should change public’s opinion about reforms and vanish their doubts about European integration.

The representative of the European Union, Martti Lutsar shared with reporters what the EU aims and how it plans to achieve its goals. He explained that the EU helps Ukraine to build strong economy, strong community and strong government. According to his words, these three parts are whales that forms the basis of the country. Martti also shared the information about several projects of EU such as “EU for Business”, “Open Budget” and others.

The campaign “Stronger Together” expert Maria Golub continued training in European direction. She explained, the aim of the campaign is to clear up in a correct way the essence of European integration and the reasons for our movement to the EU. Moreover, another their aim is to conduct reformation under the Association Agreement.

No less interesting topic shared with journalists Yuri Buhay, telling about the history of the first electronic system of public procurement. This system will interchange all paper state tenders. First, the system of “ProZorro” aims at reducing corruption in our country.

Finally, Volodymyr Hushulei reported a few facts about the visa free regime including the mechanics of obtaining visa free regime.

General organization of the workshop was high: the participants from other cities were provided with accommodation, food, and money, they spent on the road, were refunded (if it was round-trip tickets), local members were provided with lunch.


Мартті Луцар розповідає про плани ЄС щодо України

Martti Lutsar tells about EU plans for Ukraine.


Сергій Карелін про бюджет України

Sergij Karelin about Ukraine budget.



Jurij Buhai: “We started this progect as the start-up,but now – it is as a reform.”


Володимир Гушулей впевнений, що безвізовий режим стане доступним в найближчому часі

Volodymyr Hushulei is sure that visa free regime will be available in the near future.