In the center “Window to America” ​​in Zhytomyr oblast universal scientific library named after. Oleg Olzhich On February 1, 2018, a solemn opening ceremony of the Access Program with the participation of representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Chief Territorial Office of Justice in Zhytomyr Oblast, the Zhytomyr Center for Social Assistance to ATO participants and their families, as well as representatives of the library took place.

Left to right: Zhanna Solovyova – Chairman of the Board of the IHO “Modern Format”; Andriy Haidamashko is the director of the separate unit of the foreign non-governmental organization Project Harmony, Inc. Ukraine; Madia Krause is head of the American Centers program at the US Embassy in Ukraine.

In the middle: Vasily Vrublevsky – Director of the Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library. Olzhich

To the right: Lyudmila Marchuk – the head of the Zhytomyr Center for Social Assistance to ATO participants and their families.

During the opening ceremony, letters from the US Embassy in Ukraine were presented to the children who successfully passed the program selection, which testify to their participation in the Small Scholarship Program.

The Access program provides students with low income and socially vulnerable families, including migrants and young people with special needs, free proficiency in English, learn more about the United States, their culture and values, develop leadership skills and take an active part in development. Of Ukraine.

International Nonprofit Project Harmony, Inc. (working title PH International), in partnership with organizations active in working with children and youth, is implementing activities under the Access program in 17 regions of Ukraine. In Zhytomyr, a group of 20 students began their first lessons in the Access program in December 2017. Great organizational support for the Access Program is provided by Zhytomyr Oblast Universal Scientific Library. Oleg Olzhich, secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees № 28 of Zhytomyr im. the Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky and the public organization “Modern format”.

First row on the left to the right: Olena Shabinska – chief specialist of the department of registration of normative legal acts, legal work and legal education; Anna Savitska – The Department of systematization of legislation, legal work and legal education registration management regulations, legal work and legal education.

Classes are designed for 360 hours of classes (about 2 years) and will last until September 2019. Participants are free of charge with textbooks. Within the framework of the program an intensive educational session on the basis of the children’s camp during the summer holidays will be held. Although candidates for the program do not require a high level of English language proficiency, they still have to demonstrate their overall good school performance and motivation to study.

Учасники Програми Access виконують композицію “Count on me” Бруно Марса.

* The Access program is supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of State and implemented by Project Harmony, an international nonprofit organization. (also known as PH International) in cooperation with Ukrainian public organizations in the regions of its holding. Program Coordinator in Zhytomyr region – NGO “Modern Format”.