The Modern Format organization has been in existence for 12 years. During this time, hundreds of successful projects in various spheres aimed at supporting and developing the community, and establishing cooperation with international partners were managed.

The year 2018 was a landmark for the Contemporary Format – they expanded the team, approved the new composition and chairman of the board, the audit committee, separated the executive office and increased the staff (6 people), moved to a new spacious premises, changed the logo and name. Previously, the youth organization has now become a non-governmental organization with its own charter, strategic plan, values ​​and mission – to help make the residents of the city and region more comfortable, safe and equitable in their communities.

Along with this, they continue to invest in the development of the team, attending various events, educational projects in Ukraine and abroad.

By 2022, the strategic goals are:

– Develop social activism;

– Ensure the development of administrative services;

– Improve the environment;

– To form the preconditions for improving the well-being in communities;

– To develop own potential and ability of “Modern format”.

Executive Director Zhanna Solovyova said this during a meeting on May 6. In particular, such an event was held for the second time – the practice of public reporting in the organization began to be implemented last year.

“We very much appreciate being able to report to our partners, friends and colleagues,” Solovyova said. – For us, this is not just a report for the year. We share the results that have been achieved with you. Ready to listen to reviews, recommendations and tips. Last year was transformational for us through the Civil Society for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine project in collaboration with UNDP. The “modern format” is a hub for the development of civil society organizations in the region, part of the country’s hub network. ”

According to the director of the NGO Modern Contemporary NGO Inna Perehuda, their annual budget was 1 million 386 thousand hryvnias. The structure of revenues for the reporting period and targeted financing is shown in a booklet that was distributed to participants of the event. The organization is convinced that both partners and those for whom Modern Format has been working for so many years should know about it. Everything is transparent, open and accessible.

Among the large-scale and particularly significant events in the life of the organization over the past year are the uCRAZYans and Docudays UA festivals, a small English scholarship program, a regional youth debate tournament, a waste management project in Zhytomyr Region 11 from Waste to Welfare , German Senior Expert Program, dozens of events, trainings, workshops, meetings, tours, and more.