We conducted an intensive training on Humanitarian Aid 2023: Accounting and Reporting for charitable and public organizations and volunteers at the NGO Modern Format.

For many organizations that are making efforts to help other people, it is important not only to find and bring humanitarian aid, distribute it as intended, but also to report on it correctly.

Trainer Yulia Panura, a consultant on CSO taxation and charitable activities, told the audience the following:

  • humanitarian aid operations: what regulatory framework to follow during the times of war;
  • how to document the receipt/transfer of in-kind humanitarian aid;
  • evaluation of humanitarian aid;
  • how to report on humanitarian aid in foreign currencies;
  • Liability for violation of the terms of accounting and use of humanitarian aid.

The participants shared feedback on the event, noting that it was relevant and very useful.

Halyna Orchynska,

Charitable Foundation “Zhytomyr Aid Center”

-” -I came today for the new knowledge, as during the was accounting and reporting are conducted in new conditions and realities. We decided to attend this training to get useful information for the proper management of our humanitarian aid accounting and financial reporting.

Oleg Smolyar,

coordinator of the German organization Humedica

” I am not involved in the financial part at all. But since our projects are related to the humanitarian aid in Ukraine, it was important for me to get a little more familiar with the current situation with humanitarian aid reporting. I mentioned this training to some of our partners.

I think the speaker was very good – you can tell that he is a real practitioner and is well acquainted with the legal framework. We need such trainings. The questions asked during the training show that despite being active, not everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it. I learned a lot of interesting information. So it was a very useful event for me. 

Olesia Buchynska,

Charitable Foundation “Caritas Zhytomyr”

– The training was extremely useful, and it met our expectations. From what we have heard today, everything we have learned can be used in our practice. Right now, I am most interested in the accounting policy – there are certain aspects that need to be constantly monitored. Another question is about volunteer activities and accounting. All our questions were answered. From now on, it will be clearer and easier to work.

This training was conducted by the NGO “Modern Format” in partnership with the NGO “Ukrainian Civil Society Hub” within the framework of the UNDP project “EU for Dialogue: Strengthening Ukraine’s Resilience to Address the Urgent Needs of Central and Local Authorities and the War-Affected Population” with the financial support of the European Union (EU).