The School of Young Journalists is one of the main programs of NGO “Modern Format” and it has acted since 2011. The participants of The School learn basics of journalism, newspaper and magazine journalism, television journalism, photojournalism, online journalism and social media, operator skill. The representatives are children and teenagers in the age from 10 to 17.

During the study process, participants realize in practice their knowledge as journalists, TV presenters, correspondents, reporters, Internet journalists, broadcasters and operators. The young journalists write their own articles, shoot scenes, lead Internet blogs, take part in various socially important events. The classes in The School are in form of different trainings, games, meetings, excursions, master classes, Skype conferences, interviews, surveys and others. The specialists in journalism, PR-sphere, operator skills, photography, etc.

The School of Young Journalists in Zhytomyr is not purely career guidance program (it helps youth to decide their future career and reveals the creativity of participants), but also an active tool of education active social position of young generation.

Nowadays, the participants of The School of Young Journalists are winners of different journalists’ competitions, TV and Press festivals. There are pupils from 25 schools of Zhytomyr in The School. The classes take place every week and provide 6 classes per month. All participants divided into age groups.

The School is also specific background for journalists as it connects all journalists of Zhytomyr. It is important, to encourage and help trainers of The School to take part in different trainings, seminars for the purpose of improvement their skills, and giving the information to young members of our school. Besides, participation in trainings gives the opportunity to get new skills and tools in leading classes.

In April 2012, The School of Young Journalists started new project called “Big Break”. The “Big Break” shooting is in all schools of the city.

Today, The School of Young Journalists is a powerful team of future specialists in journalism. We have agreements with many local online editions on distribution of materials made by members of the School of Young Journalists. Among of them are Zhytomyr Info, Zhytomyr Magazine, Zhytomyr Reporter, Zhytomyr First Information Portal,, and 20 minutes. On these sites, it is already possible to find materials of the participants of The School of Young Journalists.

The important fact of The School work is the meaning of participation for its members. For the participants The School is a choice of their future career, large quantity of friends, and invaluable practice experience.

Today, young journalists are leaders of social opinion not only in Zhytomyr, but also in other region of Ukraine. The School participants do not just study how to be a journalist, but also are initiators and direct participants of interesting and relevant social, ecological, cultural and other projects. The participation in projects necessarily accompanied journalistic material (video and photo, an article on a blog, etc.), because it is through these information materials School participants promote volunteering and their own example to encourage citizens to social activity.