Modern Format is one of the five regional partners of the Regional Voices for Democracy project. The project’s goal is to raise public awareness of civil society initiatives in five targeted areas through quality regional journalism.
The project is implemented by the Institute of International Cooperation of the German Association of National Universities (hereafter referred to as DVV International) and Presclusion Reform in five regions of Ukraine: Vinnytsya, Zaporozhye, Zhytomyr, Kirovograd and Kherson. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany provides financial support for the project.

The project’s framework includes a number of events that were held in Zhytomyr, including: three open discussions with the themes: five questions to candidates about [topic]; an open microphone of regional votes for democracy in Zhytomyr;and questions to deputy candidates about [topic]. These activities began on October 9, 2015 and are coordinated by Modern Format and DVV, with financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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