The purpose of the festival is to promote environmental culture in communities, increase awareness and level of environmental awareness of community residents on the appropriate management of solid waste.

As part of the ecological festival “Zhytomyr EcoFest”, a morning plogging took place. During the race, which was attended by 25 residents of Zhytomyr, 100 kilograms of garbage were collected. The total race distance was around 2 km.

In the afternoon, an eco-quest began for high school students from various schools in Zhytomyr, 11 teams of 4 participants each. 7 interactive locations were waiting for the participants of the quest, which were coordinated by 16 volunteers.

During the tasks of the ecological quest, teenagers learned the basic principles of proper use of solid waste and their disposal, learned how to reduce the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, learned how to clean the soil and water.

In the eco-town “Zhytomyr EcoFest” the guests of the festival had the opportunity to attend ecological masterclasses and a fair-exhibition. Throughout the day, Zhytomyr EcoFest was visited by more than a thousand guests.

During the whole event, the people of Zhytomyr had the opportunity not only to invest time in their health and well-being but also to build a clean environment in our community.

The organizer of the egological festival “Zhytomyr EcoFest” – NGO “Modern Format” in cooperation with partners and sponsors: “Kromberh End Shubert”, author’s cafe “SU&BU”, LLC “ZHITOMIR CARDBOARD FACTORY”, confectionery store “Luchiano” and Grant of the mayor.

Photos and videos of the Project