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In seven communities of Zhytomyr region, the NGO “Modern Format” is implementing the project “Increasing Local Social Cohesion and Public Safety in the Communities of Zhytomyr region” within the framework of the UN Program for Restoration and Peacebuilding with the financial support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The project aims to form and coordinate a network of local working groups of social cohesion and public safety in seven communities of the Zhytomyr region.

The following communities will be involved in the project: Baranivka amalgamated territorial community (ATC), Vysokivska ATC, Zhytomyr ATC, Novoborivska ATC, Novohrad-Volynska ATC, Semenivska ATC, and Chervonenska ATC. 

The project is aimed at various target groups, including representatives of local governments, representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs), representatives of vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, veterans and soldiers, internally displaced persons), as well as young people (under 18 years, 19-24 years, 25-35 years).

Implementing the project, which will last until April 2021, the involved specialists will work to establish dialogue, cooperation, and coordination in communities between representatives of the public sector, local authorities, police, The State Emergency Service of Ukraine, NGOs, initiative groups, etc. Representatives of the community, vulnerable groups, and especially young people and combat veterans will be involved in addressing issues of peace, social cohesion, and public safety relevant to the community.

Among the expected results of the work, the coordinators distinguish the following:

1. Establishment of working groups on social cohesion and public safety in the target communities of the project.

Communities have established working groups on social cohesion and public safety, which include representatives of the community (including representatives of vulnerable groups,  Joint Forces Operation veterans, young people, and a police representatives).

The leaders of the field working groups will be responsible for holding monthly meetings and preparing associates for the most effective participation in each meeting.

2. Accompanying youth leaders in communities where working groups operate, empowering young people to participate actively in community life, youth and youth leaders is one of the main focuses of the project.

Training, internships, and other support for youth organizations will be organized for them.

3. Ensuring the representativeness of the veteran community in making important decisions for the communities.

Veterans are another main focus of the project.

The project plans to:

– establish relations with veterans initiative groups, organizations, unions, councils, organizations working for veterans at the community level,

– to monitor the needs in the veteran sphere at the local level and to monitor the opportunities of the veteran community at the community level.

4. Development and effective implementation of public safety plans in the target communities of the project.

Each target community will develop and approve an effective public safety plan.

5. Involvement of local stakeholders in addressing relevant issues of social cohesion and public safety in working groups.

Exchange visits and trainings for representatives of working groups will be held.

The main topics of the trainings: fundraising or where to find resources for the implementation of initiatives in the community; external communications; project and financial management, etc.

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