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Senior Experten Service – is a program of the German Economy Fund which helps in development of economic, educational and social spheres of many world countries by attracting German experts in this spheres. The program is active from 1983, it works also in Ukraine. The characteristic feature of the program lies in the fact that the specialists with profound expertise who are already retired can invest their time, skills, knowledge and experience to provide expert help to the others on the voluntary basis.

The spheres in which SES professionals work are the following: various branches of industry, agriculture, trade, construction, transport, connection, informatics, banking and insurance, education, healthcare, tourism, public administration and some others.

Senior Experten Service unites about 11 000 of professionals in various areas. From the very start of the program more than 40 000 of projects have been realized around the world.

Various enterprises, institutions and organizations of different forms of ownership, private entrepreneurs, educational establishments, local authorities, healthcare establishments, cultural organisations, NGOs and funds can apply for the participation in this program.

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