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One of the strategic goals of the NGO “Modern Format” is to develop the institutional and organizational capacity of other civil society organizations.

Since 2018, the NGO “Modern Format” works as a regional hub of civil society in the Zhytomyr region, is part of the Hub Network of Ukraine and is a co-founder of the Public Union “Hub Network of Ukraine”.

Experts from the NGO “Modern Format” help representatives of the public sector and other target groups to improve their professional level, develop competencies, acquire new skills and abilities needed to manage a non-governmental organization and achieve social change at the local and other levels. This is provided through training, counseling, mentoring, internships, etc.

Services provided by the NGO “Modern Format” for:

Civil society organizations (CSOs):

  • working on development strategies and operational plans of CSOs;
  • conducting organizational capacity assessment
  • proper management – assistance in the development of internal policies and procedures of the CSO’s activities;
  • fundraising – assistance in attracting resources;
  • project and financial management;
  • providing assistance in accounting and outsourcing;
  • establishing external and internal communication, developing a communication strategy and communication plan;
  • organizing the process of monitoring and evaluation in the CSO.


  • search and selection of grant programs for businesses;
  • organizing corporate funds for the implementation of CSR projects;
  • engaging German experts in the Senior Experten Service program.

Local governments, territorial communities:

  • creating a strategy for the ATC development;
  • fundraising – assistance in attracting resources;
  • preparing projects for participation in grant programs;
  • project and financial management.

Volunteers, initiative groups: 

  • assistance in the implementation of own ideas, initiatives, ambitions;
  • self-actualization;
  • expanding social circle.

The “Modern Format” team helps organizing and conducting events, as well as provides the conference hall for events.

In 2020, the NGO “Modern Format” organized 22 trainings on enhancing institutional capacity for the CSOs and provided over 100 consultations to representatives of the public sector.

Last year, the number of supporters of the NGO “Modern Format” increased, and now there are 669 members, including: men – 233 people and women – 435 people.

The team conducted 5 organizational capacity assessments of the CSO and developed 10 internal policies and procedures for others, including development strategies, operational plans, communication policies, fundraising plans.

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