Specialists from 15 residential institutions in Zhytomyr Oblast have been trained in project and financial management.

The event took place on Friday, March 23, 2018, in the center “Window to America” ​​(Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Oleg Olzhich).

Initiators and organizers of the training: Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration in cooperation with Zhytomyr Oblast Youth Public Organization “Contemporary Format” (a regional CSO development hub created with the support of UNDP in Ukraine).

The training was conducted by the trainees of the project and financial management of the IHO “Modern Format”: Zhanna Soloviova – the chairman of the board of the organization and Inna Pereguda – the financial director of the organization.


The main focus of the trainers was on the practical direction of the event. Participants and participants of the training have developed four demo projects that can subsequently be submitted for grant funding. It is important that for the training the actual grant competition was selected, which fully corresponds to the directions of the activity of the boarding schools.

“It will be perfect if all 15 residential institutions in Zhytomyr Region submit their project applications to our grant competition. If, on the way out of the grant competition, several projects will be submitted, this will be an indication of the successful conduct of our event. Although we would very much like to have participants / these trainings receive grants for their projects”– shares the impression of Inna Pereguda, financial director of IHO” Contemporary Format “.

During the next few weeks, the participants (these) will be able to get support in developing their own project applications.

All participants and participants of the training received certificates of successful completion of training in project and financial management.