Zhytomyr citizens efficiently worked on project ideas during the Open Space event – “Workshop of civic participation. Participation budget in Zhytomyr” that was in hotel “Reikartz” on 17 Lune 2016. The event conducted by NGO “Modern Format” in cooperation with DVV International in Ukraine with support of The Federal Foreign Office (German) within the project “Regional voices for Democracy”.


“The aim of Open Space is discussing the current topics with the representatives of local government, media, civil community, in order to accelerate new project appearing and in such way promote the democratic dialogue om the local level. During the one of Coordination Board meetings on the Participation Budget introduction in Zhytomyr, my colleagues asked me to help to conduct the educational activities for Zhytomyr citizens on the creation ideas that can be implemented in our city, thanks to the Participation Budget. In the June 2016, our organization, “Modern Format”, resumed the cooperation with DVV International in Ukraine that established last year due to implementation of the project “Regional Voices for Democracy”. During the conversation with Anna Opitz, the leader of the project “Regional Voices for Democracy” we agreed on the importance of the work with young Zhytomyr citizens in area of direct democracy, striking instrument of which is the Participation Budget. In those reasons our event is actual now.” – tells Zhanna Solovyova, facilitator of the event, Head of the Board of Youth NGO “Modern Project”.

Civil activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of local government, journalists, students and others participated in event.  The format of the event allows combining different categories of participants that in general promoted synergy. As a result, appeared a dozen project ideas in the following areas: urban studies, tourism, education and sports.


“The main goal of the project “Regional voices for Democracy” is promoting the pluralism and democratic dialogue on the local level by the education. Target groups of the project are civil activists, local journalists, and representatives of the local government. The project covers next regions: Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kherson, Zaporizhia, and Lviv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Sumy and Kyiv will join the project next year. During the project, a tutorial in work with local stakeholders developed. The project also provides conducting various educational activities, such as workshops, regional trainings, forums and from the 1 January 2017 the partners will have an opportunity to realize their own micro-projects.” – generalized Anna Opitz, the leader of the project “Regional Voices for Democracy” DVV International in Ukraine.IMG_0064IMG_0429