The postage stamp with the image of the ancient Tereshchenko Palace will be presented at the Red EcoFest festival, which will be held on June 28 in the village. Red.

The festival is part of the project “Community Waste Management: From Information to Separate Sorting”, supported by the German governmental company GIZ and U-LEAD with Europe.

“We decided to organize a festival to draw the attention of community residents to the problem of solid waste management: we prepare lectures, workshops, a plastic lids collection point and a location where you can exchange batteries for candy, as well as quests and quizzes related to household waste. But we are not limited to the topic of ecology, because a hundred years ago, the Red was the center of aircraft construction, the ancient Tereschenk Palace, which is a kind of tourist magnet, has been preserved here. Therefore, another emphasis of the festival is local history, ”the organizers of the festival“ Modern Format ”

Tourists and quests will be held for the festival guests, they will also have a concert and a performance, and the Chervonensky OTG will hold a holiday of dumplings, so visitors of the festival will be able to have an active, fun, useful and tasty time.

Active participants will have the opportunity to win a hot pot, an eco-bag, or the book “House zero waste”.

Also at the festival will be an eco-fair where you can buy souvenirs, eco-friendly cosmetics and household goods that help take care of the environment.

The festival starts on June 28 at 12:00!