Young First-Time Voters

Yesterday we had a chance to talk to youth, who are going to vote for the first time in their life on these local elections which will take place on October 25 in Ukraine.

The organizer of the Third Informational Event ‘Young Firts-Time Voters’ is the Youth NGO ‘Modern Format’ in cooperation with the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Zhytomyr Region. This time the event took place in the frame of the Regional Vocies for Democracy Project in cooperation with DVV International in Ukraine (support – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany).

The aim of the event – to give an understanding to the young people about the basic concepts of election law, voting procedure, possible violations during elections and legal responsibility for violations, and provide information to the young people who will vote for the first time.

During the event we talked about the peculiarities of the local elections in 2015, the legal responsibility for violation of election laws, the manipulations of the elections, the importance of youth participation in voting and more.

The speakers of the event:

Ms Zhanna Solovyova, the Head of the Board of the Zhytomyr Youth NGO ‘Modern Format’;

Mrs Tamara Yaremchuk, the Head of the Zhytomyr Local Election Commitee;

Mrs Svitlana Shostak, the Head of the Sector at the  Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Zhytomyr Region;

Mr Volodymyr Pin’kovskyy, the Coordiantor of the Movement «Chesno» in the Zhytomyr Region;

Rami Tapio Kolehmainen – the Volunteer at the Zhytomyr Youth NGO ‘Modern Format’, Media Expert, Journalist, Human Rights trainer, Teacher on Social Science.

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