“Red EcoFest” was held on June 28 in the town. Red brings together active people interested in the topic of solid waste management and environmental conservation.

Throughout the day, the festival was attended by impressive workshops, educational tours, entertaining performances by artists and raffles of useful gifts. In total, more than 35 different activities.

Children and young people were invited to participate in the eco-quest. According to legend, they all found themselves in a future where the air, reservoirs and soils are so polluted by hazardous waste that the planet is simply uninhabitable.

During the course of the tasks, children learned the principles of conscious consumption: ReUse, Reduce, and Recycle, and learned how to purify water and soil. Participants were also told about the impact of agriculture on the environment. At the end of the game, all teams planted tree seedlings near Tereshchenko Palace, which is the main symbol of the Red.

An eco-fair was held in the park, featuring over 50 craftsmen and craftsmen.

Kromberg & Schubert, a partner of the festival, has set up a collection point for used candy-exchanged batteries. During the day, they were able to collect more than 15 kg of batteries, which will be paid for by the plant.

One of the most visited locations was the tent of the Zhytomyr Polytechnic team, which demonstrated chemical experiments during which nearly 40 liters of liquid nitrogen was used.

According to the organizers of the NGO “Modern Format”, they also sought to draw attention to the Tereshchenko Palace, which is on the verge of destruction, but still has a chance to become the most prominent tourist magnet of Zhytomyr region. A partner of the Cornellis Nursery has arranged a photozone of fresh flowers, trees and shrubs near the palace.

In addition to the spectacle, the guests also enjoyed delicious treats, Chervonenska OTG held a feast of dumplings. Absolutely everyone had the opportunity to eat dumplings for free.

Red EcoFest is an example of how one event and a common eco-idea can bring together public figures, authorities, responsible business and creative teams, and, most importantly, individual residents of the community. At EcoFest, guests from different villages, towns and cities of Zhytomyr region, from the capital, other cities of Ukraine and from abroad came to Red, ”said the festival organizer Zhanna Solovyova.

The festival was held within the framework of the project “Waste management in communities: from information to separate sorting”, supported by the German governmental company GIZ and “U-LEAD with Europe”. Partners of the event were Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, Kromberg and Schubert Plant, Zhytomyr Butter Plant – Rud Company and Cornelis nursery.