On the eve of Easter holidays, the Youth Format Youth NGO and the Zhitomir Community Foundation publicly presented their annual activity report in 2017 and presented the main directions of work for the current year.

About 50 participants took part in the public event, among them: public figures, representatives of local authorities, journalists, business representatives, HPE and others.

“All interested persons were invited to participate in the public event. Information about the event was openly accessible, all that was needed to participate is pre-register,” one of the participants of the event shares his impressions.

Briefly, the results of the organizations’ work in 2017 were presented by Zhanna Solovyova, the chairman of the NGO “Contemporary Format” / the Zhytomyr Community Foundation.

To read the Annual Report on the activities of the IHO “Contemporary Format” and the Zhytomyr Community Foundation for 2017.

During the discussion of the results of the activity, the participants and beneficiaries of the IHO “Contemporary Format” / Community Foundation of Zhytomyr shared their impressions and achievements.

Olga Mankovskaya, NGO “Bereginya Polissya”

Irina Snihurovska, NGO “Territory of Health, Beauty and Success”

Symbolically, German Service Senior Experten Service Klaus-Dieter Jäckel and SEM KRAFT logistics company Vladimir Semenchuk and Olena Sokolovska have taken part in the event. It is with this enterprise that the senior expert began work on April 3, 2018 and will work in the next three weeks. More about the SES program

Klaus-Dieter Jekel is Senior Experten Service’s expert

Volodymyr Semenchuk, Director of SEM KRAFT Ltd.

Alexander Khodakivsky, the founder of the Zhytomyr School of the Guitar, has prepared an emotional and emotional coloring of the meeting, which has specially prepared several works of the outstanding Zhytomirian, virtuoso guitarist Mark Konrad Sokolovsky (1818-1883).

A surprise for all was the improvisation: the owner of the unsurpassed baritone, the leader of the band “Capricco” Mikhail Tkach performed an incredibly charming hit “Tombe la neige” under the accompaniment of the guitarist-virtuoso of our time, Oleksandr Khodakivsky.

All participants of the event had an opportunity to get to know each other and chat with each other after a glass of champagne.

The public report was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program project “Civil Society for the Advancement of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine”, funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.