NGO “Modern Format” in cooperation with The International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) conduct public meeting in Zhytomyr on the topic “The constitutional process in Ukraine: from the agreement of political elites to social consensus.”

The event had place on December 8, 2015, in the conference hall of the hotel “Reikartz”.

The main questions related to the new Constitution project. How to start the development of a new Basic Law of Ukraine? What is the role of civil society in the process of creating a new constitution?

Similar discussions are conducted simultaneously in different regions of Ukraine and are to establish a constitutional process on the basis of the widest possible public involvement, as is customary in democratic countries. The result of this process should be drafting a new constitution, created as a compromise between different social groups and regions in all regions of Ukraine.

Representatives of the social sector/activists, representatives of the local government, scientific community, journalists, and political active citizens participate in discussion.

The event was within the project “Construction of the general public dialogue for constitutional reform” supporting by International Renaissance Foundation.

The speakers of the event were recognized as experts in the field of constitutional law: Gennady Druzenko, Victor Zherditsky, Taras Stetskiv, Sergei Kishchenko and others.

About the event in news:

In Zhytomyr was representation of view on the changes in Constitution.

Photos were taken from the Zhytomyr Regional Council site.