They analyzed their current activities, thought about future directions and formulated key strategic goals for the next two years – this was the day of Sunday, April 22, 2018, for the team of Modern Format and the Zhitomir Community Foundation.

For a strategic session, a cozy holiday resort “Khutorok Chudodievo”, located in the countryside in Polissya, near the lake and the forest, was chosen.

“This time we conducted an experiment – we made an expanded strategic group by inviting not only the members of the NGO” Contemporary Format “and the Community Foundation of Zhytomyr in the strategic session, but also engaging our partners, beneficiaries and volunteers in discussions,” says Zhanna Solovyova , Chairman of the Management Board of the NGO “Modern Format” / Foundation of the community of Zhytomyr.

One of the best experts in strategic planning and regional development in Ukraine Vasyl Kashevsky was involved in the strategic session.


The professional work of the moderator and the activity of the participants in the strategic session in discussions, modeling of possible scenarios of development, discussions contributed to the effective dynamics of the event and good outcomes. At the moment, we process information prepared during the strategic session and prepare an updated strategic plan for the organization’s development.

The opportunity to invest in its own organizational and institutional development IHO “Contemporary Format” has as a regional hub for the development of civil society organizations established within the framework of the UNDP Ukraine project “Civil Society for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine” funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark