Within two days, the children with a teacher at the Center for “Window to America”, which in the Zhytomyr Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Oleg Olzhich, interactively improved their English language skills and learned about the culture of the United States. The topic of intensive work was devoted to human rights. During the training, all students had time to read English, discuss and creatively approach the task. One part of the lesson was devoted to the production and presentation of a booklet in which the participants described the activities of an imaginary organization dealing with various issues in the field of human rights protection.

Still a lot of interesting tasks and activities awaits students Access ahead, because only one month has passed after the start of training.

We remind that Access is a two-year Small Fellowship Program for the English Language Study of the United States Embassy in Ukraine (” English Access Microscholarship Program”), which for the first time in Zhytomyr allowed pupils aged 13 to 15 to participate in it. Program Coordinator in Zhytomyr region – NGO “Modern Format”.

* The Access program is supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine, funded by the US Department of State and implemented by Project Harmony, an international nonprofit organization. (also known as PH International) in cooperation with Ukrainian public organizations in the regions of its holding.