To celebrate Europe Day in Ukraine on May 16, 2015, in Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Oleh Olzhych was the hackathon (ideas competition) “My European City”, during it, the participants prepared and presented four interesting projects.

The organizer of the event is Delegation of the European Union in Ukraine in cooperation with NGO “Modern Format”. 26 active citizens became the participants of the event. They due to brainstorming session identified relevant problems of the city: sport, tourist attraction, energy efficiency and feature of the city.

“Hackathon is the youth platform for creating projects that will help the city of Zhytomyr be open to change, competitive and attractive to investment and more European. The purpose hackathon to enable young people to identify actual problems of Zhitomir and propose changes for realistic implementation “- said Zhanna Soloviova, moderator of the event, head of the NGO” Modern Format”.

The result of the teamwork became the real projects:

  • “Zhytomyr is the city of the heroes – Exactly the same on record” – sport project with the aim of setting in Zhytomyr record in press-ups.
  • Informative campaign “Make your house warmer” – to raise awareness of energy efficiency in Zhytomyr.
  • “Zhytomyr tourist” – the project full of interesting events, bike rides, excursions, and has as an aim making Zhytomyr attractive for tourists.
  • “LitFest” – annual flying and dancing festival as a feature of the city, aims to unite people of different ages and promote social and active life position.

According to the terms of the event the participants chose by a vote the best project ” Zhytomyr is the City of Heroes – “, that will receive information and consulting support from the EU Delegation and local authorities. All participants so carried away with the idea, that planned to hold the event on June 28 and are already engaged in training.  They decided to transfer its winning project, which requires greater and longer support from the government and took second place: Informative campaign “Make your house warmer.”

The day was full of performances of interesting speakers, welcomed the participants appealed Lihita Davidova First Secretary, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine.

The Guestbook panel held Vitaly Osmolovsky – Zhytomyr citizen, Jesuit missionary, who is now studying in Nairobi (Kenya), who shared his experience with international organizations and realizing projects for vulnerable groups.

Yury Zhukovsky, social activist and deputy director of the economic financial part, told about the recovering of Spartak Stadium.

When the event was over, all participants received the certificates.

P.S The participants realized the project “Zhytomyr is the city of the heroes – Exactly the same on record” next month in June 2015.

Details in the local mass media:­zhitomir­zhme­rekord­27­06­2015­yak­pershiy­zastupnik­mera­zhitomira­vdzhimavsya­na-

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