Since 2009, The Youth NGO “Modern Format” conducts International traveling festival of documentary films on human rights Docudays UA in Zhytomyr.

Since November 2 until November 6, 2015, the XII festival Docudays UA held in Zhytomyr. More than 800 citizens took part in films revisions during 5 days of festival.

The icing on the cake of this year festival became the discussion of the films with the viewers after revisions. As moderators and experts in discussions involved both experts NGO “Modern Format” and our partners Inna Stepanuk, Natalia Tarasenko, Evgeniya Dzubanenko. To our minds, launching such practice was very successful idea in the reason that documentary film is a specific genre, which consists on enlightening, educational and academic elements. Due to the discussions, participants have an opportunity to understand films better, hear other members’ opinion and understand the intent of the director.

Moreover, let us emphasize that we did not have as a goal to make the hall full of viewers while organizing the festival. We are sure, that participation in revision is a personal choice of everyone. In addition, we recognize the fact, that documentary film is a specific genre and somebody may dislike it. In connection with free entrance and limited quantity of place, we made the revisions schedule, so that, each of the educational institutions that wanted to participate in revisions chose the suitable date. It is important to emphasize the fact that some students and young people visit viewing films every day. Many viewers have already visited revision films we had brought in Zhytomyr under traveling festival Docudays UA.

We announce, that the NGO “Modern Format” will continue to develop a culture of watching documentaries in Zhytomyr in the way of citizens’ involvement in participation in the festival Docudays UA.

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