Modern Format hosts the annual Docudays UA, a traveling documentary film festival that started in 2009. In 2015 more than 800 Zhytomyr residents attended the five-day event.

The festival’s highlight was a discussion panel on the featured films, led by experts from the NGO ‘Contemporary Format’. Inna Stepanyuk, Natalia Tersenko, and Euginia Dzyubanenko served as moderators and panelists, provided critical insights into the vision and purpose of the documentaries, and listened to participant insights and perspectives after the screenings. Modern Format’s goal in organizing the traveling film festival was to raise awareness of critical human rights issues, rather than fill seats. Modern Format is aware that as a genre documentary cinema may not interest everyone, but film is recognized as a catalyst for societal and civil discussion. The viewings were free and Modern Format partnered with local schools to make them accessible for students.

Modern Format is pleased to announce that students and other young persons attended the cinema daily to enjoy films provided through Docudays UA. Modern Format is committed to continuing the film festival tradition in Zhytomyr.

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