The Youth NGO ‘Modern Format”, as a member of Association of Regional Analytical Centers, was involved in the general Ukrainian survey “Expert Ukraine 2015”. The survey has been held during January – February 2016.

The biggest influence on formation social opinion in Ukraine during 2015 year had central media services (59,5%), Supreme Council of Ukraine (35,0%) and Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity” (30,9%). In no way political power of People’s Front (47,0%) and other local political parties (24.1%) and The Presidential Administration (16,5%) influenced the social consciousness.



The aim of this survey was formation of objective picture of the state of Ukrainian society and identification ways of improving social and economical development of Ukraine. In this reason, socially active citizens, who consciously influence the formation of general social opinion: representatives of regional mass-media, government, party organizations, NGOs and scientists, acted as respondents in social survey.

The selection of executive representatives carried in the way of representation heads of departments and specialists of different profiles among of them, who due to their responsibilities communicate with representatives of NGOs, political parties and mass-media. Selection of political parties representatives included presence of representatives from the government and opposition, and selection of NGOs representatives  – people of different business profiles. The representatives of mass-media were selected among both public and private media, independent on their political views.

The awareness level of regional experts about different aspects of political and social life gave the opportunity for organizations to explore the evaluative judgments of opinion leaders in 24 regions about separate development aspects of social and political situation in the regions, development of  public sector (the degree of public involvement to resolve social issues and control over government activity), principles of forming regional information space, possible influence of government on editorial policy and objectivity of regional mass-media, also the level of involvement political parties in process of formation regional politics.

Moreover, during 2015 economic sector suffered from the most negative changes. This opinion is shared by 57,9%  respondents. The positive trends were observed in the area of public control over the actions of local government (57%) and transparency of decisions making by government (37,8%).


Besides, during the national expert survey it turned out that, information editions in the Internet were leaders of mass-media, which were the main information source about political events both at national (83,6%) and regional (82,4%) levels.


The second place is occupied by social networks – 71%. Such trends are explained by high level (89,2%) dependence of media on their owners.

In the next year it is planned to expand the range of experts and show the trends of processes under investigation.

The survey organizations are Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies and Association of Regional Analytical Centers.

Learn more about the survey resaults downloading the report.

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