Modern Format NGO is launching applications for participation in the presentation of the eco-game Community Without Trash, which was developed as part of the Community Waste Management: From Information to Separate Sorting project, funded by GIZ.

The event will be held on May 24, 2019 (Friday) in Zhytomyr.

Eco-activists, educators and librarians from 11 pilot OGTs are invited to participate in the project: Belokorovich, Brusyliv, Gorodnitsky, Yemilchinsk, Korninsk, Luginsk, Lyubarsk, Ovruch, Olevsk, Oshomirsk, OGG.

To participate in the event, you must complete the online form by May 22, 2019

2 representatives from each community will be invited to participate.

Participants will learn about the features of the game and receive a Community Without Trash kit to host in their communities.

The Eco-Mandala “Community Without Garbage” addresses the issue of waste, while raising the issue of sustainable community development and the formation of eco-communities, taking into account the principles of their construction in all dimensions of sustainable development. Through the example of waste, participants will be introduced to the key principles of sustainable communities such as:

  • increasing trust, cooperation and openness between people;
  • unity and community strength through diversity;
  • empowering and caring for one another, their community and the country as a whole;
  • feeling connected to each other;
  • an active position in protecting their community and nature;
  • support for low-carbon lifestyles;
  • providing sustainable alternatives to the economy through social entrepreneurship and the circular economy;
  • building honest, equal, fair and ethical relationships in the community and more.

The purpose of the game is to disseminate knowledge about municipal waste and how it can be addressed at community level in an interesting and accessible way. The game not only draws attention to the problem of waste, but also calls for concrete joint action at the community level, enhances everyone’s responsibility for the problem.

The game is designed for adults and older school-age children, and will be useful for representatives of local governments, NGOs, coaches, facilitators and participants in community development projects, teachers, youth leaders, community activists and all concerned citizens.

Details can be obtained by phone: 097-780-23-73 Oksana Trokoz