Garbage is a resource. And prudent handling can be a source of profit. The proof of this is the Cromberg and Schubert plant. Here, more than 90% of the waste produced by the production is sorted and sent for processing: glass, paper, plastic, meal, insulating tape, etc. All the proceeds from the recycling (which are significant amounts) are spent on various social events, competitions, charity projects and trips for employees.

And you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes.

Within the framework of the project “Waste management in communities: from informing to separate sorting” NGO “Modern Format” will arrange 2 ecotours for “Kromberg and Schubert”.

The participants will have an excursion to the production, during which the plant specialists will tell everything:

– How to set up sorting

– Where to find contractors who will send recyclables for recycling

– How to motivate many thousands of people to share waste

– What types of waste are most profitable


July 23 and August 7

Who can register for participation?

– Workers of village and village councils

– Business representatives

– Representatives of public utilities and educational institutions

– Eco-activists concerned about the problem of solid waste management


Participants must live, work or operate in one of the 11 CTAs of the Zhytomyr Region participating in the project “Waste Management in Communities: From Informing to Separate Sorting” (Belokorovich, Brusyliv, Gorodnytska, Yemilchyn, Kornynska, Luginsk, Lyubarsk Ovrutskaya, Olevskaya, Ushomirska, Chervonenska)

A nice bonus:

In addition to the excursion to the factory, all participants will have the opportunity to visit the Cornelis nursery and to get acquainted with its managers – entrepreneurs from the Netherlands who have moved to Ukraine and are developing their own business here. Cornelis is 30 hectares of land on which ornamental shrubs and trees are grown. Products are sold in Ukraine and exported to the EU.

To participate, please register:

We will send the program to registered participants on the eve of the ecotour

Organizer contacts: 097-780-23-73 Oksana Trokoz

The organizer of the event is NGO “Modern Format” with the support of the German governmental company GIZ and “U-LEAD with Europe”.