Discussion club “About European Integration in a New Way” was held on April 22, 2016 in Zhytomyr Regional Scientific Library named after Olzhych.

The discussion became of particular relevance due to the European Commission on April 20. It was mentioned there about the submission of legal position of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on visa liberalization for Ukraine. The relevant document published on the website of the European Commission.

During the event, participants and speakers raised questions of possibilities and advantages that European integration opens to Ukrainian youth. Including question of education, internships, and employment. Moreover, there were also discussed threats and risks that appears due to youths’ leaving Ukraine. In such way, we have “outflow” of the intellectual capital of the country.

The participants of the event divided in points of view: one group was sure in necessity to go for studying abroad, but another thought that education should be got in Ukraine, and last group was for idea of getting education abroad provided implementation of the acquired knowledge in Ukraine.

During the discussion, the participants touched the issue deeper, related to family life, the issue of international marriages.

The event moderator: Zhanna Solovyova, head of NGO “Modern Format”


Iryna Stadniychuk, representatives of the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

Anna Nikolaeva, Ph.D., travel blogger, Partner relationship manager in GoIT.

Iryna Pershko, Ph.D., director of the Polish House in Zhytomyr.

Iryna Yatsyk, PhD, doctor of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

In discussion participated the representatives of community, students, journalists, scientists, and local government.

The project “EU is a choice of Ukrainian youth” is an initiative financed by EU Delegation in Ukraine. NGO “The Youth Alternative” realized the project. The partners are Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The partner in Zhytomyr is NGO “Modern Format”.

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