In Zhytomyr, deputies of the city council approved the Charter of the city territorial community. The corresponding decision was supported by all the MPs present in the hall.

Representatives of the NGO “Modern Format”, which is a regional hub for the development of civil society organizations within the Network of Hubs of Ukraine, were also involved in the work on the creation of the Charter.

The charter consists of a preamble, eight sections and annexes, which set out the provisions governing the conduct of public consultations, public hearings and citizens’ meetings, submission of local initiatives, etc. in the city.

The Legal Department notes that they worked on the document for about a year and a half, the draft Charter was considered and submitted by all relevant commissions of the city council. In addition, the draft document was presented to the public and experts.

The statute defines legal relations in the community, establishes the system of local self-government of the city, forms and procedure for exercising local self-government by the territorial community of the city, functions and powers of local self-government bodies and officials, status of self-organization bodies of the population.

The previous charter was approved in 2009. The document did not enter into force because it was not registered with the Chief Territorial Directorate of Justice

What is stated in the new Charter:

Zhytomyr City Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in May as a city holiday, unless otherwise provided by a city council decision.
Veresy Day is celebrated every year on October 14th.
The document now not only names the city symbols (Coat of Arms and Flag), but also the official sign.
There is a prescribed procedure for submitting electronic petitions, local initiatives and other appeals, to which the Zhytomyr City Council is obliged to respond.
The Zhytomyr City OG Charter provides the following forms of direct involvement of the territorial community in addressing issues of local importance:

– local elections;

– local referendum;

– meeting of citizens at the place of residence;

– local initiatives;

– public hearings;

– appeals of citizens to bodies and officials of local self-government, including in the format of an electronic petition;

– public consultations;

– participation in advisory and advisory bodies formed under local self-government bodies;

– participation in the work of the control and supervisory bodies of public law entities established by the decision of the Zhytomyr City Council;

– participation in the distribution of local budget funds through the creation of projects to improve and / or vote for the territorial community (public budget);

– other forms of participation.

It is envisaged that the Mayor reports to the territorial community at an open meeting at least once a year on the eve of the City Day celebrations on the implementation of the strategic and program documents of the development of the territorial community, the implementation of the local budget, the plan of work for the next reporting period and other issues of local importance.
And the deputies of the Council report on their work to the territorial community at least once a year not later than May 1, which follows the reporting.