Entrepreneurs, activists, doctors, and active residents of the Zhytomyr Region had a debate on safety, human rights, and responsibility during the debate tournament “Safe Community – Joint Interest and Responsibility,” which took place on September 21, 2020 in Zhytomyr.

The tournament is organized by the NGO “Modern Format” with the support from the International Renaissance Foundation.

The main goal of the tournament is to raise the level of awareness of active residents of Zhytomyr on public safety issues by developing their competencies and debate skills.

The tournament was held according to the British debate format. Topics discussed: “Human security is a human responsibility” and “Restricting human rights in exchange for security is justified”. 16 participants took part in the debate tournament. The debate was held in two rounds. The best speakers from the teams of “Government” and “Opposition” reached the final. Victory in the debate tournament was won by the “Opposition” team, which scored the highest number of points in total.  All tournament participants received certificates.  The winners of the tournament were Sergei Semenchuk and Oleksandr Dereguz, who received a special gift from the organizers – a team certificate for the flight over Zhytomyr.

The debate tournament was preceded by a two-week School of Debates of the Modern Format, during which all participants of the tournament learned the methodology and rules of debate, the ability to present arguments and counterarguments, defend their own point of view.

“Holding the Debate School and Debate Tournament with the participation of an adult audience was a kind of experiment for us. Since a few years ago the NGO “Modern Format” already held debate tournaments, but with students and high school seniors. We are very pleased with the result of this year’s tournament. Proof of the fact that the debate meetings are once again relevant is the activity and feedback of the tournament participants, judges and spectators present at the tournament.  The tool of debate allows not only to spend time actively, but also is an effective tool in the formation of skills and abilities of critical thinking, defending their own beliefs. At the moment, there is a question of continuing education at the Debate School, ” said Zhanna Solovyova, executive director of the NGO Modern Format.

“Teaching debates is not possible without the formation of moral values, assertion of humanistic morality and the formation of respect for such values as freedom, equality, fairness and, accordingly, without deepening the intellectual development of each person”, – said Igor Kipenko, moderator of the School of Debate and Debate Tour, coach of the Zhytomyr Debate Club “Free Thought”.

Entrepreneur Denis Mykhailo shared his impressions of participating in the Debate School and the Debate Tournament: “In today’s world, you need to not just shout about something, but be able to convey your opinion to the general public. It is in this way that it is communicated so that it becomes clear. This is what we were taught. And, judging by the emotions and applause at the end of the tournament, we did it. Thanks to the organizers.

Denis Mykhailo – an entrepreneur, a participant of the School of Debates and the Debate Tournament

Debate Tournament photos