Summer is the best time not only for relaxation, but also for restarting, planning and… communications. Five intensive training days, filled with new experiences, emotions, discoveries, tasks and interesting challenges, the NGO Modern Format team spent in the picturesque Carpathians, working to build the organization’s internal and external communications.

Have you ever tried to analyze what your organization tastes like? And we already know how we taste.

Analyzing our target groups, their needs, their tastes is not an easy task

Marina Govorukhina, a trainer in PR and communications, helped develop the organization’s communication strategy. Our team worked dynamically and effectively under the clear command of the trainer. And as a result – we have a ready-made programming document – a communication strategy for the development of NGO Modern Format.

Один із ключових елементів успішного проведення тренінгу – правильно підібраний тренер! Ми із цим точно не прогадали

A typical local government representative looks something like this.

During our on-site training we were able not only to work on the development of a program document, but also to visit partners, invest time in strengthening the “team spirit”, and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathians.

We go to Vorokhta. Mandatory stop near Viaduct

On the development of civil society organizations in OGG, the features of regional development in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zhytomyr oblasts, they spoke with colleagues at the Ivano-Frankivsk Center for Local Self-Government Development. During the meeting, they also discussed the directions of possible cooperation in the future.

At a meeting at the Ivano-Frankivsk Center for Local Self-Government Development (created within the framework of the U-LEAD program with Europe)

We communicate with the leadership of the Ivano-Frankivsk Center for Local Self-Government Development

Walked through the “Dovbush trails”, got acquainted with the Hutsul traditions and ceremonies, visited the aviary farm, caught and cooked about 6 kg of trout on their own, visited the Peppers meadow, walked at the Hutsul wedding, feasted on the river, walked the mountain route through Vorokhta, Voronenko to the Yablunets Pass and so on – these are just brief moments of the “team building” elements of our field training.

On a trout farm they have jointly caught 6 kg of fish. In the photo, ours is Oksana Gorpinich, who has shown remarkable skill in catching fish.

Let’s get acquainted with the Hutsul “outfit” (outfit)

We are grateful to all our partners and donors for supporting our project idea.

On-site training “Communication strategy of the organization: secrets of communication with the outside world” was conducted by Modern Format IGO from July 27 to July 31, 2018 with the support of ISAR “Unity” within the framework of the project on enhancing organizational capacity (as a result of the competition of grants for organizational development of hub organizations civil society in the framework of grant agreement No. 380-007805 between Pact, Inc. (ENGAGE) and the ISAR Unity NGO.