In July 2015, The Youth NGO “Modern Format” together with Zhytomyr Community Foundation was involved in organization and carrying of charity bike ride “I See! I Can! I Will” in Zhytomyr.
On July 8, the citizens of Zhytomyr met the participants of charity bike ride “I See! I Can! I Will”. They met guests near the entrance Zhytomyr from the Rivne side and then, together with bike ride participants rode to the final destination – The Korolyov Square. This project is a noble cause that is worth support.
Sighted and blind bicyclists overcame more than 2000 km with bicycles together. The way began from L’viv and stretched through Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Kyiv and then, through small towns and villages.
The aim of the project is to show Ukrainians that blind people are equal members of society; moreover, ability of “seeing” goes beyond the physical vision. During the charity bike ride, it was collected enough money for arrangement of Sensoteca, space for entertainment and informal inclusive education for sighted and blind youth.
We are sincerely thankful to all participants of bike ride in Zhytomyr for their activity.

The organizations of Charity bike ride are NGOs “The Institute of Ukrainian Studies” and “L’viv Academy of Human Rights named after St. John Bosco”.
The next day, on July 9, at 10:00, in conference room of Zhytomyr Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Oleh Olzhych, were press conference and communication with bike ride participants.

Links on video:
The participants of charity bike ride “I See! I Can! I Will!” reached Zhytomyr
The citizens of Zhytomyr met the participants of Ukrainian charity bike ride “I See! I Can! I Will!”

Additional information.
“The Institute of Ukrainian Studies” has already had experience of successful realization similar projects. Besides, it was held Ukrainian charity marathon “Run for Children” in 2006, during this marathon it was collected $50 000. All costs were spent on purchase of equipment for maternity hospitals of L’viv.
Among the organizations was Mykola Peh, president of GO “The Institute of Ukrainian Studies” until June 2014. Mykola Peh passed away year ago without realizing his second dream – Charity Bike Ride for Sighted and Blind. That is why this project is dedicated to the memory of Mykola Peh.

Mykola Peh completely lost his sight in the age of 12, and in few years he went to study in America annual program FLEX. Mykola is alumnus of L’viv National University named after Ivan Franko, scholar of Chevening program and intern of CUPP program in Canada Parliament. Moreover, Mykola was a member and organizer a large quantity of international and Ukrainian projects.

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