About us

Zhytomyr Regional Youth Organization “Modern Format”  is a voluntary, youth, self-governing, region organization, activity of which based on the principles of municipality, legality and transparency, that act on the territory of Zhytomyr and region.

The aim of NGO “Modern Format” is to help the youth fully expose the potential, gain new skills, develop and implement new ideas through the use of modern approaches, technologies and methods.

The main activity principles:

  • Cooperation with state institutions on the basis of mutual respects and equality in the reason of reflecting existing problems among the youth and providing its solving.
  • Implementation project and events (economic, ecological, educational, sportive, social, cultural, and others), by own or in cooperation with other NGOs and state structures; also solving concrete problems of young people, lobbying their interests in government and so on.
  • Usage of different form of activity as centers, schools, forums, seminars, conferences, “round” tables, public meetings, exhibitions, presentations and others that aimed at enlargement youth participation in all areas of community life, protection of their interests.
  • Promotion of the development of youth entrepreneurship in region through providing young people with various kinds of support as informational, consulting, lobbying interests, protection rights and others.
  • Educational work on human rights, elimination all forms of violence and discrimination, providing formation of responsible citizens-voters, citizen-leaders.
  • Organization of delegation exchange of youth receiving foreign missions in Ukraine to promte the positive experience of the organization, adjustment